Behind The Seams: How 1822 Denim Jeans Are Made

Plus size model wearing the Better Butter high rise black skinny jeans

Hi! I’m Jeanie, your favorite pair of 1822 Denim jeans. I know that you love wearing me and that we look AMAZING together, but I want to get a little personal and tell you about how I came to look and feel this great. Trust me, it’s not easy and it takes work, but that’s what makes me extra special! So from start to finish, here is my origin story. 




Step One: Design

1822 Denim’s amazing designers work every day to bring me and jeans just like me to life! These hard-working artists first pick the stretchiest, softest fabric that provides YOU with maximum comfort and fits a wider range of beautiful and unique body shapes and types. They then take upcoming trends and existing styles that you love the most to create new jeans and new collections. From there, the team sketches their initial designs and it’s on to the fit stage. 



Step Two: The Perfect Fit

I look fabulous - and I feel fabulous too! That’s because our design team makes sure that when you wear me, you get the best fit possible. 1822 Denim’s factory  creates initial samples and then our designers work with different fit models, who are the statistically average size across all of our shape categories, to ensure that our jeans are created with a range of different body shapes and sizes in mind! From design to production, the 1822 team makes a point to be as inclusive as possible every step of the way. During the fittings, the design team makes the necessary adjustments to measurements and fit. After the initial fitting, there are usually one to two more fittings to ensure that the finished denim fits, feels and looks great!



Step Three: Made With Love

Once the design team knows that I will look and feel fabulous, me and my friends are crafted in 1822 Denim’s warehouses. Once the jean shapes are cut out by machines, every detail - from stitching to washing and distressing - is added by hand using stencils. What makes me and my denim friends extra special? Our details are handmade, so we are each a little unique. After I am sewn together and my buttons and additional details are added by hand, I pass through a thorough series of quality checks before I take a trip to California and wait for you to take me home. 

And there you have it, the story of how I came to you! From the beginning I was designed for YOU and your unique body with your fit and comfort in mind. The more you love and wear me, you’ll notice that you’ll become a part of my story too.


  • Margie DiGiovanni

    Where are these jeans made?

  • Natasha

    Desperately looking to get another pair of jeans (olive green or any color) size 14: Style CY8M1292A1 Cut# 54932
    Straight leg, raw seam (bottom) with double front pockets. Please help!

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