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How To Repurpose 1822 Denim's Curated Boxes

1822 Denim's curated jean boxes

1822 Denim’s curated denim boxes are designed to be beautiful so that they can be re-loved! From giving your plant babies a new, sleek home to storing your favorite photos, the possibilities to upcycle your denim boxes are endless. Whether you use our chic boxes as is, or fancy yourself a bit DIY-savvy, read on for more suggestions on how to repurpose your 1822 Denim box. 

 It’s The Season for Gift-Giving!

All wrapped up! Use your chic 1822 Denim box to re-gift for the holidays, birthdays and other events. We recommend using our Butter Boxes in particular as versatile gift boxes. 

Shop Butter Box!


Create a Shadowbox or Store Photos

Shadowboxes are curated boxes of items that have sentimental meaning. For those who are more nostalgic, turn your box into a shadowbox or store your favorite photos. Our beautiful blue Bundle of Joy Box is a stylish option for your Shadowbox - even better if you want to preserve memories of your little one. 

Shop Bundle of Joy Box!


A DIY Desk Shelf is Cute & Useful!

If you always seem to collect clutter and never know what to do with it, we have a simple solution to your organizational dilemma: create a DIY desk shelf! Simply use the front of the box to create a shelf inside the box - it’s as easy as that. You have a mini shelf to store keys, mail, office supplies or even jewelry! Our elegant, timeless Shapewear boxes are perfect for this DIY project. 

Shop Shapewear Box!


Future Picassos, Store Your Art Supplies!

Painters? Drawers? Future Picassos? Here is the perfect way to store your art supplies! We think that our Re: Denim box is particularly suited because artists can easily draw and paint on the box itself as well - doodling is HIGHLY encouraged!

Shop Re: Denim Box!


Give Your Plant Babies A Chic Home

Plant parents, give your plant babies a new home! Add a pop of color to your space when you re-use our Butter, Vintage and Bundle of Joy boxes or keep things classic and neutral with our Re: Denim, Shapewear, Black Butter Box and Little Black Boxes. We love how sleek plants look in our Little Black Boxes. 

Shop Little Black Box!


Cut Up Some Cute Coasters

Adorable and useful! It’s easy to make DIY coasters. Trace the circumference of a large, round mug OR simply cut 4-5” squares to create coasters that will both liven up your space and keep your tables ring-free. We think our lovely navy Vintage boxes are especially perfect for this DIY project. 

Shop Vintage Box!

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