Upcycle Your Denim For Your Furry Friend

Dog wearing an 1822 Denim blue jean jacket

As denim lovers, we would ideally live in and love on all of our jeans forever! At 1822 Denim, we make our jeans to last - but sometimes life has other plans. Sometimes our bodies change, you may grow out of your jeans, or maybe your little ones get their hands on permanent markers (it happens!). Whatever the case may be, rather than throwing away your old denim - seriously, please don’t do this, it's very bad for the planet - we encourage you to think outside of the box and upcycle your jeans. What better way is there to re-love your old jeans than by creating something for your furry friend in honor of World Animal Day!

At 1822 Denim we care about inclusivity, technology and sustainability - we also care about animals. We are proud to be partners of Best Friends Animal Society, a non-profit organization working to save the lives of shelter animals across the United States. Through advocacy, foster programs and fundraising, Best Friends Animal Society has given homes and second chances to pets for over three decades.

So those jeans that you made so many wonderful memories in that for whatever reason you just can’t wear anymore? Give them a second life by turning them into fun and simple DIY creations for your precious pet.

Read on for creative DIY ideas to upcycle your denim for your favorite pup or kitten. As with any toy, always be sure to supervise your furry friend when they play with your DIY creations. 

Give Your Furry Companion A Wardrobe Refresh


We shop for new looks when seasons change and our sweet little animals deserve a wardrobe refresh too! Use your old jeans to make a precious and fashionable denim ascot for your dog or cat. Whether you keep a raw hem or sew the edges for a more polished look, simply cut out a triangle from the back of your jeans and voila! You have yourself a dapper doggie or cute kitten. We recommend measuring the girth of your pet’s neck and adding an additional two inches to the length of the triangle that you cut out. 

Tug On Your Heart Strings

Our pets love to tug at our heartstrings, they also love to play tug! A denim rope toy is a simple, no-sew toy that is easy to make even for DIY novices. Take four long strips of denim measuring equal lengths and knot them together in a continuous rope. Need more guidance? Sew Historically has thorough instructions. 

Did Someone Say Denim Donut?

Even though our pups and kittens sadly can’t eat our human donuts, they certainly can enjoy chewing on a donut toy! Simply cut one leg off your old denim at the knee, roll into a donut shape as if you are rolling up a pant leg, and secure by wrapping a strip of denim around the toy. Full instructions are available at Sew Historically

Going Knots!

Possibly the easiest DIY on this list, your furry friend will go knots for this simple knot toy! Cut a long, 3-inch wide strip of denim and fold it in half, knot the strip of denim with an inch in between each knot. 

Want to learn more about our partnership with Best Friends Animal Society and find out what you can do to help? Read more about our partnership HERE!

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  • Katie E

    Fantastic ideas! Thank you. I plan to make some toys for my puppers and also for friends’ holiday gifts.

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