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Introducing the Denim Diary

Introducing the Denim Diary

Dear Denim Diary, 

For far too long, the fashion industry has been feeding us a narrative about the “ideal” body type, the “ideal” sense of style, and the “ideal” face of beauty. For far too long, we have had to conform to unrealistic beauty standards that break down our confidence rather than build it up. Now? We’re changing the narrative. At 1822 Denim, we’re more than just great jeans - we’re a brand that is committed to diversity, inclusion and sustainability - and we want to see a future of fashion that embraces these values as well - so we’re starting a conversation. 

 Since 1822 was founded in 2015, we’ve been strong believers in the idea that incredible, premium denim should be accessible to everyone at an affordable price. That’s why we are committed to designing jeans made to fit and flatter every beautiful, unique body - not the other way around. For decades, the fashion industry has been telling you what you should wear and what you should look like, but we’ve been working to flip the script. That’s why every decision we make as a brand and every collection that we design has been informed and inspired by YOU, our 1822 Denim community

As we grow and shape our narrative, we see that we are not just a denim brand, we’re a community. A community of people who care about a more inclusive and sustainable future. A community of people who care about using state-of-the-art technology for good! 1822 Denim isn’t just a denim brand, it’s a lifestyle committed to showcasing and equally valuing bodies of all shapes and sizes - our denim is simply our favorite way of expressing that passion.

Introducing the Denim Diary, an open letter about the things that we care about as a brand and YOU care about as our 1822 family. Each month we’ll be journaling about everything from the state of the fashion industry to the latest trends you should know about. We’re also excited to use this diary as a platform to introduce you to activists and tastemakers who inspire us AND the people behind the seams who bring 1822 to you. Welcome to the Denim Diary! We’re excited to have you along for the read.


1822 Denim

About 1822 DENIM from 1822 Denim on Vimeo.


  • Kiara

    Yes, these jeans should be washed before wearing!

  • Veronica

    Do 1822 jeans need to be washed before first wear?

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