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Laura Pizzuti Influencer

Laura Pizzuti <span>Influencer</span>

Meet Laura

Hi, I'm Laura! I live in the Boston area with my husband, 2 daughters and 3 dogs.
I'm so honored to be an 1822 denim ambassador and so excited to share my style with you!

Connect with Laura

Get to know Laura

What does empowerment mean to you?
Empowerment to me means being stronger and more confident in who I am as a person.
It means not being afraid to put yourself out there and being your true self.

Who / what inspired you?
I get inspired by anyone who is confident and secure in themselves.
I love people with good energy who inspire me to better myself.

How do you feel about body positivity in the age of social media?
I think social media has allowed everyone to have a platform. This allows all ages, races, body
shapes and ages to be seen. I think that this has had a positive impact on everyone, especially
how businesses look at marketing. There is no such thing as fitting into a box anymore.


Describe your perfect shopping experience?
The perfect shopping experience for me would be finding the exactly what I was looking
for at an amazing price.

What is your ideal vacation?
My ideal vacation is always somewhere tropical. I love to be able to barely wear shoes
and to always be warm.

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