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Kellie Lilly Loan Specialist

Kellie Lilly <span>Loan Specialist</span>

Meet Kellie

My name is Kellie Lilly, I am 30 years old, and I live in Scott Depot, WV with my husband, Matt, my 3 month
old son, Logan, and our rescue dachshund mix, Ozzie. I am a lifestyle blogger, a high school cheerleading
coach, and a lover of all things Disney.

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Get to know Kellie

How does 1822 fit into your style story?
I found 1822 when I was pregnant with my first baby and needed comfortable maternity denim that
was still stylish. I fell in love with the fit and company as a whole. Now, I am 3 months postpartum
and excited to wear some different styles that celebrate my new mom bod!

How do you feel about social media in the age of body positivity?
While social media can cause insecurities to bubble up, there are also a ton of super positive,
motivational people out there making an impact. My hope is that women can share photos of them
at the beach, making memories with their friends, family, and children, and not be concerned at what
people on the internet might say. And if they have something bad to say, they don’t need to be on your
friend/follower list!


Do you have any style advice?
My best advice is “just go for it!” Your style should be an outward expression of the amazing person
you are inside, and totally unique to you. That can’t happen if you’re worried about what other people

How would you describe 1822 Denim?
Inclusive. The fact that I can wear this denim throughout my pregnancy, my postpartum journey, and
in every stage of motherhood -without worrying about fitting into a certain size - is just fabulous.

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