Heather Loberger Radiologic Technologist

Heather Loberger <span>Radiologic Technologist</span>

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Hi I’m Heather! I created this little platform to share the things I love most in life in hopes of them becoming things you love as well! My biggest interests are fashion, travel, decor and food & I always love trying something new.

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How does 1822 fit into your style story?
1822 fits into my style by their versatility of design and types of denim. Since I’ve purchased my first pair of 1822 denim they have easily become my favorite and I always catch myself grabbing 1822 over any other kind.

Describe your perfect shopping experience?
My perfect shopping experience would be spending a nice day in Chicago walking down the mag mile and popping into my favorite stores. It would be even better if everything I tried on fit perfect and was a great find/buy.


What is your ideal vacation?
My ideal vacation is anywhere I can explore and try new things and also find the best eats. I’m a huge foodie and love trying and researching new restaurants before any trip I take. Big cities excite me most when traveling.

Do you have any style advice?
My style advice would be wear what make you most comfortable! If you don’t like what you’re wearing your confidence will not shine. That’s also what I love about 1822 denim, every pair of denim I put on is so flattering and so comfortable!

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