There is nothing better than finding the perfect pair.
Here is our guide to our best selling fits, fabrics & washes.

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How to Measure


Measure around the natural waistline, keeping the tape comfortably loose.

2 - RISE

Measure up from the crotch seam to the top of the waistband.


Measure straight from the top of your inner thigh (crotch) down to your ankle.


Measure across the leg hem from seam to seam.


- Turn garment inside out
- Wash in cold water with similar colors
- Do not bleach

Washing your jeans inside-out will help to preserve the denim's original color while exposing the part of the garment that needs to be cleaned the most to water and detergent.


- Tumble dry low
- Iron on low heat
- Dry flat or hang dry

Following our drying tips is extremely important! Heat tears through our denim's spandex, wearing down the fabric and decreasing longevity.

TIP #1
Wait for five wears between washes. Yeah, you read that right- we want you to do less laundry! Fewer washes mean longer-lasting denim and conserving water for a better planet.

TIP #2
Ultra-soft denim loves a good hang-out! After you wash your jeans, make sure to let them hang dry before putting them in the dryer on low heat for five minutes.

TIP #3
Want to freshen up your denim between wears? Give your jeans a facial! Hang them up in the bathroom while you shower and the steam will work its magic.

TIP #4
If you get something on your jeans don't fret, we've all been there! Simply dab your denim with a wet cloth or use a dry brush to gently remove stains.