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Fashion Has a Size Inclusivity Problem - 1822 Denim is Changing the Game

Fashion Has a Size Inclusivity Problem - 1822 Denim is Changing the Game

Have you ever gone to a clothing brand’s website having seen a style on Instagram or in an ad that you fell in love with only to find yourself completely disappointed when you actually go to shop ? Maybe they didn’t carry your size, maybe the measurements were too long, or maybe you didn’t feel represented by the models shown wearing the clothes. This experience, for lack of a better word, stinks! What’s worse? It’s far too common. 

According to the retail research company Edited, the average woman in America typically wears between a size 16-18, yet most clothing brands limit their sizing to contemporary or “straight” sizes 00 - 12. Beyond that, these sizes don’t take into account that every body is different and an item that may fit someone who wears “size 6” one way, may fit someone with a different body shape who wears the “same size” entirely differently. 

Why so many quotes when talking about size? Well because “size” as a concept places people who have unique, beautiful bodies of all different shapes into outdated boxes invented with the Sears catalogue . Seriously! According to a 2014 Time story, prior to the age of the print catalogue, size correlated to age and bust size, which in itself is a whole other issue - but we can save that for another day. All that is to say - traditional sizing doesn’t really account for how diverse real bodies are; and the fashion industry? Well, most brands still overlook the average consumer in favor of what they believe should be the standard of beauty. In fact, according to the same Time story - most sizes are essentially invented by the brands that sell the clothes based on what they think our bodies should or should not look like and how much space they believe they should occupy. Messed up, right?

 Luckily, times are changing! Consumers know that they shouldn’t have to put up with being told what to look like and what to wear. 1822 Denim was founded with the belief that those unrealistic, outdated beauty standards should be thrown out the window.1822 Denim is a premium denim brand that understands that no two bodies are alike. They not only offer stylish and comfortable jeans in sizes 00 - 24W and Maternity, but also offer a variety of categories that take into account the differences that make us individually beautiful, including curvy and petite. 

That creepy sizing by age that I mentioned earlier? You’ll be happy to know, dear reader, that the future of fashion and retail technology is bright. 1822 Denim is using it to bring you the best-fitting denim possible, so when you wear your 1822 jeans you can look and feel your best. Innovation and using technology in a positive way is an important part of the brand vision, especially when it comes to ensuring that, as they grow, 1822 Denim is as inclusive and representative of a variety of shapes and sizes as possible. 

To ensure that their customers get a personal shopping experience, 1822 Denim offers a virtual sizing assistant to help them find their new favorite jeans. When they go to shop, consumers can easily use the brand’s virtual fit technology to find their perfect fit just for them by  taking into account their height, weight and shape using 3D virtual measuring technology. All the customer has to do? Take two pictures! 

Not only is 1822 using this innovative technology to put the custom back in customer to cater to the many diverse and unique body shapes and sizes out there, the brand uses virtual fitting technology to engage in sustainable practices. According to the BBC, in the United States alone, returns make up 5 billion pounds of waste every year. Helping consumers find their perfect fit therefore not only generates less returns, but also reduces the impact that fashion waste has on our environmental footprint.


How does reducing waste through less returns relate to size inclusivity? As I called out before, most fashion brands only cater to sizes 00 - 12, outside of general shopping woes, consumers who want to be conscious with their purchases who don’t fit this ridiculous sizing mold have an even harder time finding the clothes they want with the fit they deserve - let alone at an affordable price. Edited reports that only 20% of sustainable brands offer extended sizing. Beyond that, sustainable brands are often more expensive - so not only do consumers who wear a certain size have limited options, they also are limited in being able to ethically purchase the clothes they wear. 

At 1822 Denim this is not the case, because they know that everyone should be able to lead a more eco-conscious lifestyle and it shouldn’t be limited by size or a price tag. In addition to leading a sustainability initiative through reducing returns, 1822’s Re: Denim collection features a soft and stylish fabric made from 30% recycled water bottles and 100% repurposed water. Re: Denim allows everyone - regardless of shape and size - to feel beautiful and confident while leading a more eco-conscious lifestyle. 

Inclusivity in fashion isn’t just about offering plus sizes, it’s about making sure that everyone is able to have the same positive experience and options when they go to shop. The industry has a lot of work to do, but 1822 Denim is shifting the narrative and paving the way for a future of fashion where everyone feels included and where everyone has choices - choices about what they wear, how they feel and the lifestyle they want to lead. Industry-dictated beauty standards are outdated, the future of fashion is celebrating the beauty of our differences - physical or otherwise and 1822 Denim sees a fashion industry where this is the norm and not the exception.

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