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Take two photos

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1822 Denim's mission is to disrupt traditional size charts, with innovative 3D technology that maps your body measurement and unique shape to match you with the perfect fitting jeans.

Snap two photos for your perfect fit

Snap Photos

Take two photos via Perfect Fit widget on your phone

Remote measuring

Get your size recommendation for less than a minute

No more hassle

No more confusing size charts, tap measure and returns

Take online shopping to the next level!

The struggle is gone:

Trying on different sizesin dressing room
Reading complicated sizing charts
Using measuring tapes
The hassle of returning packages

Less returns, less carbon footprints

Our goal to minimize returns allows us to help in our initiative to save our planet. When product are sent back to us they leave a trial of emissions that contribute to climate change, poor air quality, and many end up in landfills, causing more harm. By providing accuracy on sizing to our customers, we can greatly reduce the number of returns.

Minimize Returns

Each returned package leaves a trial of emission from the various trains, planes and giant trucks that carry it back to the seller

Reduced Carbon Footprints

Returns mean that the CO2 emissions polluting the air is doubled because of the back and forth transportation for the item being delivered

Avoid Landfills

Five billion pounds of the returned goods end up in US landfills each year

What our customers are saying

"I used the sizing feature offered on the website and it worked peerfectly. Took some picture of myself and it told me the size to order, My jeans arrived and fit perfectly!"


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