In our line of work, we see no shortage of talented, smart beings, thriving and getting ahead. Unfortunately that’s not always the case in other industries. So we decided to showcase a modern day influencer once a month as our Blue Jean Baby. Someone with an inspiring eye for fashion, rocking some of the latest from 1822 Denim. Someone fierce, innovative, and empowering, and someone who takes action to influence change. Check back with us monthly as we pick the beautiful minds of our monthly muse’s and who knows, we may feature one of your favorite bloggers, artists, do-gooders, or maybe even yourself as our Blue Jean Baby of the month

This month we found a girl who can do both! Get to know Miki Rai, a current resident of Los Angeles, CA and nursing major at UCLA. We spent the day with Miki to learn more about the brain behind the beauty, what/who inspires her, and how she keeps so positive when the going get’s tough

1.) Tell us a little bit about yourself, and what you do? 

Hello! My name is Miki Rai, and I am currently a 4th year nursing student in Los Angeles, California. As a  nursing major, part of my curriculum includes clinical rotations, where we do 12-hour shifts in different hospital units to learn and develop clinical skills of a nurse. Outside of school, I absolutely love running, connecting with other healthcare professionals on social media, and of course.. spending time with my dog! 

2.) What's your typical week day like?

Weekdays can definitely vary! On days that I have clinical rotations, that would take up my entire day, from 4:30AM until 7PM.  Otherwise, I typically start my day around 6AM. I go for a morning jog, and then usually have class until noon. Afterwards, I have focus hours, where I finish the 3 most important tasks of my day! Around 5PM, I take a break to cook dinner, and do any chores around my apartment. I close the night by studying, responding to emails, and making a to-do list for the next day!

3.) What inspires you to keep going when things get difficult?

Sometimes the days are long, and the road to becoming a healthcare professional is definitely not the easiest. However, the small positive aspects of each day are what keeps me going. Even when a patient takes the time to say “thank you”, it just brightens my whole day!

4.) Any advice for young girls who are just starting out or who are chasing their dream?

Absolutely chase your dreams, full speed ahead! Don’t let anyone, including yourself, talk you out of achieving the goals you heart wants most. There will be challenges along the way, but know that you are fully capable of overcoming them!

 5.) Lastly, picture this scenario: You have a full day of lectures, plus work, and a first date, leaving you with little or no time to change. What's your "Go To" outfit?

Black jeans, white shirt and sneakers, and a leather jacket! Comfy, sophisticated but cute all in one :)

 You can follow Miki on Instagram: @mikirai