Introducing 1822 Denim Blog

1822 Denim was launched in 2014 and quickly captured the hearts and denim wardrobes of many women by offering premium quality products at very modest prices. We take great pride in continuously sourcing and manufacturing the finest fabrics which allows us to create the perfect fits. The level of commitment we have put into our product has established us as a household name for shoppers, editors and bloggers. In addition to our website, the brand is now sold to retailers around the globe.



We keep YOU in mind in every stage from design through production! We also acknowledge the importance of forming the 1822 Denim community where we engage with our customers, share our culture and inspirations, educate about our products, and help our customers to find the right fits and styles. With much love and passion, we are now pleased to announce the launch of the 1822 Denim Blog!


On the blog you can expect to read about:

    Style tips and inspirations

    Product features and recommendations


    Behind the scenes

    And so much more!



As life-long denim enthusiasts, we continually strike for offer premium quality jeans with a perfect fit for our customers! We encourage you to be part of our community, not only by reading our posts, but also sharing your ideas and feedback, ask any questions in the comment section. Because YOU are our number 1 priority!     



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